VeliQ: Mobile made easy

VeliQ empowers mobile workers - any place, any time, in a user friendly way. We simultaneously enable partners to deliver their customers an enterprise managed mobility solution that accelerates, integrates and innovates their business.

To accomplish this, our customers and partners use MobiDM, an unique mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS) solution. MobiDM has been developed to make Mobile Device Management, Mobile Security & Mobile Content & Application Management easier, faster to enroll and without any barrier to entry. Engined by Afaria (Sybase SAP), MobiDM supports all relevant mobile platforms.

Key benefits are a low Total Cost of Ownership, a fast Return on Investment and a significant reduction in mobile risk. MobiDM is being used across all industries (e.g. government, healthcare, trade, retail, pharmacy, banks) and across all company sizes from SME to Multinationals. Among it’s partners are system integrators, solution vendors, mobile carriers and ICT resellers


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